Wednesday, October 1, 2008


What is it exactly that we do at Hillel, well here is what we plan to do this quarter:

TUESDAY 10/7- Falafel and Movie Night (SC)

Falafel? What? Where? Come and Snack on one of Israel's greatest natural resources (at least it felt like it grew on trees while I was in Israel). While you are stuffing your face with delicious food, we will be having our annual showing of everyone's favorite Israeli movie....Walk On Water.


Plan on going on Birthright soon? Want to impress your friends with a little hebrew? Just want to learn a little hebrew for fun? We will have a professional Hebrew teacher come to Hillel to teach us some basic Hebrew. Snacks will be provided.

F 10/17- Shabbat Dinner (SC)

Interactive Shabbat Dinner? Who has ever heard of such a thing, OY VEY what a Shanda! Learn to cook easy versions of Shabbat Dinner favorites.

T 10/21- Night out on Bellingham (Meet at Shalom Center)

Join Hillel for a night out. We will be starting out at the shalom center with some snacks, then we will take the bus downtown to go bowling, after bowling a few frames, we will end at the Cobra Lounge Hookah Bar. You might ask, "isn't that going to be really expensive for me, the average Western Student?"...don't worry, the only thing you need to pay close attention to when the event is going to take place. (BRING SOCKS SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY ANY)

T 10/28- TBA

T 11/4- Kristallnacht Program (SC)

Hillel will be meeting this evening to learn about and hold discussion on the topic of Kristallnacht. We will be having a guest speaker come to talk to us about the events that occured in Europe during Kristallnacht and how we can prevent them from ever happening again.

F 11/7- Shabbat Dinner (SC)

FREE SHABBAT DINNER!!!! this dinner will take place at the home of one of our generous board members. Enjoy a nice homecooked meal with all of your jewish friends. Please RSVP via facebook.

T 11/11- Jewish Jeopardy and Ice Cream Social (SC)

Join Quizmaster/Hillel President Max Stahlberg for a game of Jewish Jeopardy and and ice cream treats. There will be prizes for the team that wins...and ofcourse prizes for those who don't. Bring your competitive spirit and your thinking cap.

T 11/18- TBA

T 11/25- Interfaith Dinner with MSA and LSM (SC)

Join Hillel, the Muslim Student Association, the Luthern Student Ministries, the Bahai Student Association, and any other religious group for the second annual Interfaith dinner. Dinner will be potluck style with dishes from many cuisines. Please keep any dishes halal/kosher style (i.e. no pork, no shellfish, no meat mixed with dairy).

T 12/2- Hanukah Party (SC)

Every Jew's favorite holiday is here, we will be having our infamous white elephant gift exchange as well as latkes, and other fried treats. Did you think I would forget to mention that we will be having some intense games of Dreidel?

F 12/5- End of Quarter Shabbat (SC)

Hang out with your favorite jews on campus one last time before you leave for break. don't forget, we will will have our famous going away gift bags stuffed with lots of goodies.

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